Truma AquaGo

Instant, constant, endless – the Truma AquaGo instant water heater supplies hot water reliably around-the-clock for showering, rinsing, and hand washing in recreational vehicles. AquaGo instant water heater is the most powerful appliance on the market, yet it is characterized by its compact dimensions, straightforward operating procedures like at home, maintenance-friendly internal components, and numerous safety features.
Truma LevelCheck
TRUMA LevelCheck

Use the Truma LevelCheck to find out how much propane is left in your tank in just a few seconds. Using ultrasound technology, the handy Truma LevelCheck accurately measures your LPG level with both audible and visual signals. Simply press the Truma LevelCheck horizontally on the tank: if the LED display turns green and gives a high-pitch beep sound, there is propane at that level in the tank. After measuring, the Truma LevelCheck switches off automatically. The unit also comes with a built in flashlight for added convenience.